Welcome to Bury Bob’s Comedy Club


Hopefully you are looking for a place

where you can get away

from life’s little stresses.

Relax !

You’ve come to the right place.

Treat yourself to a peek

into the wonderful world

of  Bury Bob

through the eyes of his many persona.

If you are in need of a

tazzer boost to your spirits check out

Bob’s Five a Day

to get those chuckle muscles twitching again.

Bob take’s us on an alternative tour of  Bury market and introduces us to Grandads Sausage.


Bury who?”

The Bury Ignorer

Bury Bob’s Comedy Store

This is where we will be looking at Bob’s world through the eyes of his various personalities…………

Bob himself will be looking at the world of sport and all things Daily Mail.

Terry Bull will of course be taking care of the glitterati, probing into their deepest crevices to scrape out the dirt.

This week Terry has a lot on his plate . Stephen Hawking has been left on his doorstep in a game of knock and run that went badly wrong.

Terry gives us an insight into life with this scientist on wheels.

Terry’s new friend Stephen Hawking

Snood P Whipper

will be keeping us in touch with the Manchester music scene in his ”what you lookin’ at?” section .

He will be sharing the page with little brother DJBnB who will be keeping us up to date about the gaming world.

Kenny the Cannibal

will be providing his own slant on the dish of the week from his controversial cook book ”Finger food”.

We are hoping to entice some guest writers over the coming months including a Dominatrix to run our relationship column, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘agony aunt’.

Hope you’ll help us along by leaving your comments and suggestions and come back and visit us from time to time. Don’t forget we have a lot more to see at www.burybob.com


Uncle Joe Bloggs